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Hackers Employed Asus Software Updater to Spread Malware, Over a Million PCs Might Have Been Hacked

 Hackers have been able to deliver malware into the more 1 million plus Asus pc owners last year by diverting the company software upgrade systems, security researchers said on Monday. Moscow based cybersecurity supplier Kaspersky Lab reported the attack took place between June and Nov last year and was utilized to provide a software upgrade with a backdoor, which would give hackers access to infected machines. We’re not able to figure the total count of users based solely on our information, but we estimate that the true magnitude of the issue is much bigger and is possibly impacting more than a million users globally, Kaspersky said in a blog post.

Researchers at cybersecurity firm Symantec were able to identify the attack against Asus users, a Symantec spokeswoman said. Asus said it’d offer a statement on Tuesday. The attack, that was first reported by technology information site Motherboard, shows how hackers are able to take advantage of the size of the technology businesses and their providers to reach massive numbers of victims. Kaspersky reported that over 57, 000 of its users had downloaded and set up the endangered Asus upgrade however, the hackers intended to target a smaller number of unknown victims. Kaspersky said it informed Asus about the attack in January and was assisting the firm with its investigation.